72% of girls are illiterate in Pakistan. GES to contribute more than $3million yearly

More than 72% of girls are illiterate in Pakistan in the year 2014.

Mr A Kazmie, Director of Business Development re-visits Pakistan with 4 members of his team. GES is to set up import and exports from Pakistan by 26th June 2014. Mr Ahsan Iqbal Federal Minister of Pakistan, outlines that Pakistan needs to grow, in order repair from the past 6years of damages. Jobs must be created for Pakistan to succeed. Children need proper education to move away from “hand down education systems” which is not working. 1 out of 50 schools have power. In Rural Pakistan, female literacy rates drop as low as 8%, there are more than 25 million children fewer than 16 are out of school in Pakistan. Access to education has improved in recent years, with 75% of children enrolling in school; however, more than half of the girls drop out due to the poor quality of education and the fact that schools are not inclusive of communities they serve. As a result, female literacy rates remain stagnant at 38% and fall to as low as 8% in rural areas. This project provides quality education to 1,000 poor Pakistani girls.

GES to fund female education in Pakistan, GES will contribute more than 3million US dollars per year towards education, Mr Kazmie promised. “Project LOVE” will be set up in Pakistan which will gainfully employ more than 620 local’s, throughout rural Pakistan.