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Green Earth I.T. and Security partners, ISDN a Global leaders and specialist in unique Graphic Design, Development and Social Media Services for our Clients and Partners, whether they be Public Figures, Government Organisations, Private Businesses or Non-­‐Profits. Where there is little or no links into the ever growing world of Social Media.

MASS (Monitoring All Systems Simultaneously)

Green Earth I.T. and Security Partners; ISDN is fully licensed with the United States State Department, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls,  Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance as a manufacturer and exporter of  military hardware, training, and services to allied countries Worldwide.  REGISTRANT CODE: M26657

ISDN has existing relationships with many other cutting-edge technology , military, and intelligence systems manufactures around the globe to provide the most cutting-edge “turn-key,” solutions and has experience in program and acquisition management; doing so discretely and at a significant cost savings to its clients.


MASS (Monitoring All Systems Simultaneously)

Secure PC Communications, portable internet communications and browsing tool/applications suite providing “zero-foot print,” meets US Government and intelligence community encryption requirements.


Collects, filters and analyzes massive amounts of data from multiple Wi-Fi and communication devices to present correlated views of essential information. Non-intrusive monitoring of multiple IP,

wired and mobile networks via a single application to monitor all communication  activity of  known suspects and entities.

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Surveillance is an integral part of every business even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. Video surveillance and remote monitoring can be considered as an enhanced management tool that can be effectively used by various departments of an organization. Our professionals are highly trained to assess and respond appropriately to any situation.

Our remote monitoring service is highly effective for sites with little out-of-hours activity. It is also useful where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited.

Outsourcing CCTV MONITORING: businesses NOW are facing challenges increased competition, high overhead, changing markets and operational inefficiencies, and increased outsourcing customer demands. In this scenario of outsourcing businesses monitoring are forced to adopt systems and business models that provide operational efficiency and add strategic value to their products and services. 

ISDN with its large outsourcing centres based around India / Bangladesh / Sri lanka and Pakistan has huge talent pool is the most preferred destination for Business Process Outsourcing. Besides the over qualified professionals other factors that attract many multinational companies to outsource I.T. and CCTV mnonitoring business to India are the favorable government regulations supporting R and D IT facilities, cost savings and strong research infrastructure. When compared to others in the outsourcing business industry, India stands a step above in terms of better communication facilities and matured development processes.

CCTV Remote Monitoring and video recording services are particularly relevant for sites with little out-of-hours activity, where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited. CCTV remote monitoring systemsfacility ensures virtual onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control.

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