GES (Group) Board Approves US$9.5 Million Rural Water and Farming Supply Project for Libya

GES (Group) Board Approves US$ 9.5 Million Rural Water and Farming Supply Project for Libya. Not only does the Funds directly help the struggling farmers of Libya but also directed for the needy African Farmers.

This project aims to provide farmers in rural and sustainable access to safe drinking water and fertilizer (UREA) With more than 60% of the Farmers distressed and unable to farm, this project servers a greater community in the time of hardship it faces.

“Those companies that are big enough can already raise their own money for agri-business, and very small farmers can turn to micro-credit,” Kaberuka said at a press conference at last week’s AfDB annual meetings in Dakar, Senegal. “What we are missing is [farmers in] the middle, to really add value.”

Oxfam’s regional campaigns manager Kate Norgrove told IRIN: “We support the fund. We have been calling for increased funding for agriculture for a long time; but smallholders are key to developing the agricultural sector. Many of the poorest farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa need a funding boost to be able to organise themselves into a cooperative in order [even to go after] larger-scale funding.”

Targeting small farmers with assistance could would help them grow, she said. “Then Africa could produce enough food for national use and regional trade without having to resort to large-scale agribusiness.”