Rice & Pulses are one of the most traded commodities in the world. Rice is eaten as staple food in many countries around the wolrd. After rice, wheat in the form of flour is used to prepare breads in different forms as Roti, Chapati, Naan, Breads, Rolls, Pides, etc.Pulses as lentils, chick peas, moong, and many other pulses are traded worldwide as major commodities.

General Pulses

Basmati is a variety of long grain rice grown in India and Pakistan, notable for its fragrance and delicate, nuanced flavour. India is the largest cultivator and exporter of this rice, followed by Pakistan; it is primarily grown through paddy field farming in the Punjab region.
The grains of basmati rice are longer than most other types of rice. Cooked grains of Basmati rice are characteristically free flowing rather than sticky, as with most long-grain rice. Cooked basmati rice can be uniquely identified by its fragrance. Basmati rice is available in two varieties: white and brown.
The kidney bean with its dark red skin is named for its visual resemblance to a kidney. Small red beans are noticeably smaller and darker than kidney beans. They have a smoother taste and are preferred for Cajun cuisine.
A variety of lentils exist with colors that range from yellow to red-orange to green, brown and black. The plant originated in the Near East, and has been part of the human diet, since the aceramic Neolithic, being one of the first crops domesticated in the Near East. With 25% protein it is the vegetable with the highest level of protein other than soyabeans.
Wheat is a grass that is cultivated worldwide. In Tanzania, wheat is cultivated in the northeast (Buhamba, Arusha and Moshi), as well as in the southeast. 100 grams of hard red winter wheat contains about 12.6 grams of protein, 1.5 grams of total fat, 71 grams of carbohydrate (by difference), 12.2 grams of dietary fiber, and 3.2 mg of iron or 17% of the amount required daily.
Chickpeas need a subtropical or tropical climate and more than 400mm annual rain. It is often used as an alternative protein product with vegetarians and vegans and is one of the plants with the highest amount of protein. Large, round, cream-colored bean. Nutty flavor and crunch texture. Features in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.
The mung bean is one of many species recently moved from the genus Phaseolus to Vigna and is still often seen cited as Phaseolus aureus or Phaseolus radiatus. Commonly used in Chinese cuisine.
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