GES pioneered the use of digital signatures for commodity contract exchange in the 20th century, increasing the execution speed 20 fold and permitting, for the first time, international trade in conflict regions. In 2003, GES again changed commodities trading forever through the unprecedented introduction of sophisticated financial instruments, massively improving the level of trust and transparency in the trading process. In 2005, GES further cemented its position as a market innovator by offering global import payment terms to under-serviced members of the agricultural sector, facilitating the survival and growth of countless underprivileged farming communities across the world. Today, GES continues on its future setting role in the international commodities industry by engaging and supporting the development of next generation decentralized commodities trading platforms.

Dynamically located in Sydney, GES Commodities has worldwide liaison offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

GES Commodities is actively sourcing ICUMSA 45 (white refined sugar) from Brazil to many countries around the world. Beside ACUMSA 45, GES is actively involved in supplying ICUMSA 200 (raw sugar), Prilled UREA, NON GMO Soybean and Indian Long Grain rice.

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