Bahrain – GES Board approval to manufacture Quantum Dots

Bahrain receiving approval from the GES Board for manufacture of  Quantum Dots. First of its kind in the middle east – plans to open in 2015

GES to be the First in Middle East – Quantum Dots

¨  Quantum Dots are used today in place of Fluorescent dyes for medical imaging applications due to their superior brightness, resistance to photo bleaching and long life. Quantum Dots are also being developed for target drug deliver for a broad range of  disease therapies.

¨  With highest potential conversion efficiency Quantum Dot solar will deliver a lower cost per kilowatt hour than any other solar technology and can deliver grid parity with subsidies.

¨  Quantum Materials has developed a proprietary process using micro reactor technology that can produce high quality, uniform Quantum Dots in high volumes and at a price point 75% below its nearest competitor.

¨  According to NREL quantum dot solar, at 66%,  has a theoretical potential conversion efficiency nearly twice as great as all non-quantum dot solar cell technologies. This coupled with the ability to print quantum dot solar cells with conventional printing equipment will result in the lowest cost solar technology bar none.