AGM Directors, Sydney AUSTRALIA 13-17 JUNE 2014

Annual GM for Directors, Green Earth Systems Group (Int.)  Sydney Australia 13-17 JUNE 2014.   Message from Mr Nilesh Nair

Mr Nilesh Nair, Co-founding Executive Chairman of Green Earth Systems Group of Companies and Gti (Green Team International) Founding Partner. Mr Nilesh Nair is a leader to many of entrepreneurial aspirants, as well as having a history of spirituality and a deep experience in Yoga. Mr. Nair holds several important positions within the growing GES conglomerate, and Trustee for the “LOVE” Foundation. A man with multiple layers to his personality, Mr. Nair is considered by many as a powerful balancing force within the GES.

Thank you for your interest in our company, Green Earth Systems Group (Int.). Our company enjoys an exceptional reputation that results from the dedication and hard work of our employees and Joint Venture partners globally.
The core values of the GES Group are derived from Gandhi’s teachings of Truth, Service, Care and Raising Oneself. These four pillars are melded into the core of the leadership that is being built at GES.
To enable the successful roll-out of our strategy and, in turn the achievement of our vision, we must be clear not only about what we will do, but also how we will do it.

GES pioneered the use of digital signatures for commodity contract exchange in the 20th century, increasing the execution speed 20 fold and permitting, for the first time, international trade in conflict regions. Today, GES continues on its future setting role in the international commodities industry by engaging and supporting the development of next generation decentralized commodities trading platforms.

Today GES is represented in over 10 different countries around the world, in Commodity. Within the next 12months GES will spread out into further 3 countries, inc. Europe, America and Regional head office for Middle East.

We operate as one company, One vision “together we grow”, and sharing a common set of values: “We love what we do.” We constantly innovate to improve our own standards.

Yours Sincerely,

Nilesh Nair
CEO, Co-Founder, Green Earth Systems Group (Int.)